Powertech Mission, Values & Vision

The “Mission, Values and Vision” are fundamental to the company’s strategy and clarify and direct all Powertech’s activities, guiding the professional and ethical behaviour of the whole team of staff.



Technically competent engineering solutions that serve our clients’ and society as a whole.

Powertech’s mission is to serve its clients and society by providing “Technically competent, effective engineering solutions” that improve our clients’ businesses and facilitate society’s access to our competitive, safe, sustainable, forward looking technical service offerings.

Powertech will strive to generate wealth and employment, and will act as a benchmark with regard to excellence in all aspects of its engineering operations . Powertech is dedicated to loyally serving our clients and the future development of its staff. We are proud of our approach towards an ethically run business that operates with good corporate governance, a strong social responsibility, operating within the highest realms of quality and safety with a passion for protecting the environment.

PowerTech’s Values

PowerTech is committed to the following values, necessitating the same requirements from its staff, which is also reflected in all its corporate policies, guidelines, and other internal procedures:

Competence as a corporate culture for our clients

PowerTech always aims to offer its clients a first-class competent solution that, exceeds our clients expectations.

Staff. Professionality. Style

We believe in our team’s performance, offering a friendly and transparent working environment with sufficient freedom to motivate individual initiatives that add value to our operations and will ultimately improve our offerings to our client base.

Long-term Management. Creating Sustainable Value

Through its day to day operations, payment of taxes, and fair approach with regard to employment of our staff, PowerTech will contribute fairly to society.

Quality. Safety. Respect for the Environment

Our priority is to provide customers with a first-class experience with a quality product and service.

Ensured precision and attention to detail is facilitated with a robust inspection protocol and documented procedures.  Safety is our game, and “ZERO HARM” to persons, equipment, property, and the environment is our ultimate goal and what we strive towards on each and every day.


PowerTech distinguishes itself through its core competence and capability to create and introduce innovative, multidisciplinary engineering solutions.

Partnerships. Suppliers

PowerTech’s activities frequently involve close collaboration with partners, allies, and suppliers, all based on ‘win-win’ scenario.


Powertech’s Vision

Powertech aspires to be a distinguished, international & industry recognised engineering solution provider with a focus on the areas of specialist engineering in the Marine and Offshore, Power Generation and Heavy industrial engineering sectors. , In each of the  these strategic areas, Powertech will have a sufficient team of competent professionals that allows it to be competitive and serve our clients with unique set of value.